Settlement Agreement

At Whitecross Solicitors, we provide fast, efficient and specialist employment law advice on your Settlement Agreement.

Have you had an ‘off the record’ discussion with your employer about ending your employment contract?

Your employer may prefer to negotiate the termination of your employment contract rather than go through a potentially long or acrimonious dismissal process. It could be that you have been notified by your employer that you are ‘at risk’ of redundancy or it could be that a Performance Improvement Process (PIP) is being contemplated and at the same time your employer has asked if they can have a ‘without Prejudice’ discussion with you to see if the employment relationship can be ended by mutual agreement.

We can act for you in negotiations with your employer. We may even be able to negotiate an improved offer.

Your employer would normally make a contribution to the cost of your getting independent legal advice. In most cases where we assist with settlement agreements, the employer's contributions cover all our fees so our client doesn't have to pay anything.

Another method of resolving work disputes is through ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service). Early Conciliation is a mandatory system of pre-claim conciliation which must be completed before an Employment Tribunal claim can be lodged. Resolving work disputes through ACAS can provide a quick and cost-effective way of resolving work disputes.

ACAS cannot advise on the merits of any claim and simply act as a neutral third-party to facilitate settlement. It pays to be professionally represented even when dealing with ACAS. For example, you may need to prepare a schedule of loss. This can be used as a helpful starting point for negotiations.

COT3 agreements are the form of settlement agreement issued through ACAS. It would be wise to take legal advice to ensure that the wording of any COT3 adequately covers you.

Have you experienced other issues in settling employment claims through ACAS? Please feel free to contact if you need assistance when negotiating with ACAS.

For your convenience, we may be able to deal with the matter over the telephone or by Skype.

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